How We Work

Please Note: We don’t work directly with clients. We are a B2B agency, we provide link building solutions for digital agencies that provide SEO services to clients.


Initial Call

To start off, we’ll book a call with you to discuss your agencies requirements. We’ll cover topics such as how many clients you have, what sort of budgets you are working with and how much you want to spend on link building. Our team will provide some recommendations around possibilities such as what type of link building we can offer on a monthly basis.


Client Onboarding

Once we’ve agreed upon an arrangement our team will set up a Google sheet and map out each of your clients with their monthly budget and our ongoing link building plan. It’ll look something like this:
ClientBudgetCustom Guest PostsLink InsertionsReg Guest PostsSite Mergers
Client 1$4000Yes, $1000 monthlyNoYes, $2000 monthlyNo
Client 2$1000Yes, $1000 monthlyNoNoNo
Client 3$8000Yes, $3000 monthlyYes, $1000 monthlyYes, $1000 monthlyNo
Client 4$3000NoYes, $1000 monthlyYes, $2000 monthlyNo

We’ll then put estimates or in some cases exact numbers of how many of each type of link we’ll deliver each month.


Monthly Reporting

All of our monthly reporting for links will be included in the main spreadsheet. Each of your clients will have their own tab with details regarding the project. All delivered links will be added with a date, link type, anchor text and target page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. You can choose whichever combination of links you’d like and this can vary for each client you manage. Some clients prefer us to choose the link distribution, so it’s up to your team and what you prefer.